MonkeySurvey Review

MonkeySurvey is an extremely popular online site for creating surveys. Your users can visit the web page and complete the survey that you’ve created, so that all of the information is collected and stored online. This is significantly more convenient than creating surveys on paper and having to enter all the data manually, or even using previous electronic survey methods such as punch cards or scantron surveys that require a number 2 pencil. But while Monkey Surveys may be easy to create and use, I wondered whether they provided enough power for serious users.

That is why I signed up for an account of the monkey survey site and decided to try it out for myself, so that I could see if it were better than the solutions I have been used to using in the past, and whether it was lagging behind the current competition. MonkeySurvey, after all is not the only online survey tool, and you can find large number of monkey survey comparisons on the web. But it is difficult to say whether something like this will meet your needs until you have appropriately planned out your own project and evaluated the features for yourself.

So what does this web based survey tool have to offer that others don’t? Not much, really, it is a very simple tool and that has always been its main benefit. The learning curve has been less steep than anything out there in the past and I think that has helped MonkeySurvey to leap ahead of the competition in a way that took a lot of people by surprise. But a lot of time has passed since then, and some pundits have speculated that this tool has failed to keep pace with new developments in web technology. New AJAX technologies, for example, have made the older HTML based interfaces used by the monkeys surveys feel dated and kind of claustrophobic. I’m not saying it’s a bad tool, because it’s still good. It’s just not as good as it used to be, when you compare it to what’s available today.